Best LinkedIn Feature No One Knows About.

Are you on LinkedIn? Good. Do you have a completed profile? Better. Do you have a budding network of connections? Fantastic! Now do you use LinkedIn Answers? No? WRONG ANSWER.

LinkedIn Answers is the hidden gem of the network that everyone’s on but on one really uses. Answers is LinkedIn’s forum for discussion of various topics ranging from Job Searching to Health to Using the platform.

Answers‘ is a space where any user can ask a question, route it to the most applicable audience and receive answers from industry experts. Think of it as LinkedIn’s Quora. This is good for the entry or mid-level employee because it allows you to get answers to questions like ‘where can I find eco-friendly products for my company’ or ‘How to prepare for a Behavioral Interview’. It is also good for industry experts because answering questions and being commended for valuable input makes them be seen as industry experts.

Answers is also a place to go to scope out potential service providers or new employees based on who answers questions intelligently.

I personally have used ‘Answers’ several times to ask questions from, is a .mobi email unprofessional to what do technical recruiters look for in a resume, and received very helpful results.

Sadly, most people do not even know that LinkedIn Answers exists. Hidden away under the ‘More’ tab on the top bar, the average user would have no reason to see it. Especially on a network everyone is on, but no one really uses, ‘Answers’ is the best possible way to foster a dynamic community experience.

This post also has a personal interest as those of you with valuable insights to offer should go answer my current question, now! Kidding, just those of you in technical recruiting… But in all reality, Answers is the best feature no one knows about and an extremely helpful contribution to the life of any professional.


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