Food Sells. Period.

Today was our first Waffle Wednesday at work. We decided to celebrate each Wednesday morning by bringing waffle makers and waffle mix to work. Naturally, as the Community Manager, I decided to document this monumental, and delicious moment by instagram-ing it, and pasting it to Twitter, Facebook and the like. What I then noticed shouldn’t have surprised me.

My picture of waffles on got a lot likes on Facebook (compared to our usual rate). As I work for a company that is all about celebrating students and their work, we produce lots of impressive content, but one of our most liked pictures was a picture of waffles? Don’t get me wrong, it was a masterful picture, I spent lots of time crafting the angles, using one of those fancy apps that allows you to snap multiple pictures at a time? See below.

This phenomenon should be even less surprising when I consider my days as a college resident advisor, when the only reason people even came to events was for food. Eventually I started creating events purely consisting OF food.

Waffle Wednesday

There is no escaping it, people love food pictures. In it they find recipe inspiration, entertainment and material for daydreams. This is why sites like PinterestInstagramFoodspotting, even Why You’re Fat exist. This is why my mother reads so much Cooking Light, my friends watch so much Food Network and my time interning for Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations was so fruitful (no pun intended, well maybe).

Now the Internet is booming with food images; according to a study by respected network, BlogHer, 89% of people go online for recipes and 29% of people take photos and post. Last year, according to Nielsen, recipe site had 15,232,000 unique visitors in September alone, while Internet giant Wikipedia had 77,710,00.

An article by Mashable calls food a “universal language” and suggests the Top 15 Social Media Resources for Foodies, “foodies” being the affectionate term for “amateur gourmets who love food” also, according to Mashable.

My suspicion is that there is a little foodie in all of us, well a lot of us at least. While I might not think a picture of waffles is the most inspiring thing I can put on our company Facebook page, it certainly sells, and for that reason I will be putting more energy into making food pictures content. Who knows, maybe a Taco Tuesday might even be in the works.

Stick around to hear more about how it turns out.


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