3 M’s of Community Management

Since my last post on the 3 C’s of Community Management was such a success (at least my mom liked it), I thought I’d follow it up with the 3 M’s, that are also extremely important. Ready? Here goes.


Once Community Managers have curated all this fabulous content and you’re ready to create community, it’s time to turn to your metrics. Metrics help them understand, when is the best time to post/e-mail/tweet/etc. how to word the subject line and what to say in the posts. Don’t be fooled, we study everything. Community Managers know when people open their e-mails, when they click on Facebook posts, etc. After all, once you’ve created all that awesome content it’s a huge bummer when no one read’s it. There’s nothing more discouraging than a 15% open rate of your e-mail or a total of 5 engaged viewers on the site.


Thanks to 3M for providing such a relevant though completely unrelated logo!


Community managers spend a decent amount of time in meetings, but more than that, CM’s work cross-functionally to understand what exactly is going on on each team. When will new features be released? Does there need to be a blog post about it? Is there a new event coming up? Should there be an event hashtag? Why does this error keep popping up on the screen? Where will the team be traveling next week? Many times the CM is the face of the company, and especially at a startup they need to be able to answer questions, they need to know everything and work with everyone.


As community management is becoming an increasingly important part of any marketing strategy, content creation and distribution efforts have become a more essential part of the marketing efforts. This means often times, a community manager is part and parcel of a marketing team. Or, as in my case, they ARE the marketing team. Free content going viral is a CM dream. This also means that everything that is created should be created with a marketing mindset, tracked with a marketing mindset, and copy-written like with a marketing mindset (see all previous points). Content should also be strategically developed for your brand demographic, which sometimes means creating multiple social media accounts with different messaging. Whew.

Alright. Now that you have the C’s and the M’s of being a CM (see what I did there…) hopefully you can make a bit more sense of this craziness. And the best part is if this appeals to you, there are plenty of Community Management jobs out there in this growing field! Also, stay tuned in case I come up with more letters to post about, after out, I have about 24 more, right…?


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