Landing Your Next Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn. The most useful social network you absolutely have to be on, but no one (barring my sales and recruiting) ever uses. Right?


LinkedIn often gets a bad wrap from young and mature adults alike since it produces less useful content than Buzzfeed, less stimulation than Twitter and more restrictions than Facebook. Hm. Tricky boat for a social network to be in.

These days, however, LinkedIn is more important than ever. It can help validate a person’s identity, show off projects, and even show potential useful connections- it puts the NETWORKING in social networking.

As a millennial on the career path I have also found LinkedIn incredibly useful in job hunting. I actually found my most recent job via LinkedIn! So, as my gift to you, here are some ways to go about job searching on LinkedIn.

(1) Find the Company.

LinkedIn is, IMO, one of the best places to reach potential employers. Not only can company profiles give you stats like company size, products and job postings, but it also allows you to see similar companies to the ones you are viewing. This comes in a section called “people also viewed” and denotes companies others viewing the profile may also have seen – be it competitors, parallel industries or former companies of employees. This section should give you an idea of other companies you may not have considered coming from the area.

Take for example my company, HubSpot. Other companies viewed include Adobe; LinkedIn; Google – companies my colleagues have worked at, CNBC & Mashable – news sites specialized in content creation, and online media sites like us, and Marketo- a competitor.

How I used it: To come up with a list of companies that piqued my interest to which I could apply.

(2) Find Employees AT the Company.

When I am interested in a company, one of my favorite strategies is to look at employees of that company for:

A. People who attended my alma matter (they might be more willing to help)

B. Recruiters.

When you “see all” connections of a company it brings up a search screen.

LinkedIn Search

When you get to this screen, one of my favorite things to do is search for the words: recruiter, recruiting, hiring, people operations, etc. Then I look at the profiles of the people that show up.

How I used It: by searching for recruiters at HubSpot I was able to find one to whom I could reach out about the positions I wanted.

(3) Find Contact Info.

The job of a recruiter is to find potential candidates to fill a position. They want options, and quality, and this is not easy to find out. That means any recruiter worth their salt should have an easy method of contact on their profile (not InMail).

More realistically, not all recruiters have this info, but the search for the ones that do, even if you have to lick through tons of profiles. Then use it. These are the recruiters that WANT to hear from you! Talking to a real person is 100x better than talking to an Applicant Tracking System – the worst that can happen is they don’t respond!

How I used it: I looked through the profiles of several recruiters on LinkedIn, which brought me to the profiles of one of the head HubSpot recruiters- with her email on it. I sent her an email with my resume, a quick intro and some questions about the jobs I liked- within an hour I was connected with the recruiter at the company responsible for my position, and within 3 weeks I had a job offer in hand – no cover letter or ATS involved!

The bottom line is that LinkedIn is no longer just for recruiters & salespeople and it is no longer about creating a profile so recruiters can find you. Don’t get me wrong, tons of recruiting happens through passive means, but it doesn’t have to!

LinkedIn is a vast vessel of information growing larger every day- knowing where to look and what to look for could be the best way to find your new job. It was for me!


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