My Story

Hi there! My name is Chelsea and I am a Community Management professional with my ear to the ground and my eye on the road ahead.

I am also proud graduate of the University of Michigan. My past few years here have taught me many things. They have taught me to research and debate like a Political Scientist; to appreciate world cultures as a student of International Studies; to explore the world with a journalistic eye as the General Manager and Producer at the campus television station, to listen to and guide my peers as an RA and much more.

Chelsea HunersenMy current interest is in using technology to build communities. Primarily through original content creation and strategy building.

I have built my technical knowledge with coursework in areas ranging from Social Venture Creation to Usability of Systems and Services, but my personal research has taught me so much more.

My recent work experience has been in Community Management, Residence Education, Live Video Production and Journalism. Through these experiences I have developed a love of asking questions, getting to know my community, and bringing it closer together.

As of now I am working for the marketing software company HubSpot as the first Social & Video Marketing Manager (previously a Support Engineer & Community Manager). In my free time I also run social media for the University of Michigan Alumni Club in Boston. I welcome all new inquiries and project ideas!


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